Program Registration

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 5.00%

    How to become an affiliate:

    1)     Register you name and email in this form.

    2)     Once you receive the approval to join our affiliate programme and have received approval you will receive and email with a unique url which can be posted on your  website as well as a link to login in to your affiliate dashboard.

    3)     Then all you have to do is add the url to your blog and when people click through a a sale is converted you will receive 5% commission on the total value.

    Easy payment of commissions:

    1)     Chavín jewellery will pay your commissions within 30 days of the converted sale.

    2)     You will receive an email from Chavín jewellery when a sale is converted and are able to login to your affiliate dashboard to view your sales progress. To login to the dashboard you will need to use your email and password and login through the url you will receive when signing up to the programme.

    3)     To receive your payments all you need to do is add you paypal email address in the settings section of your affiliate dashboard. Payments will then be directly paid to your paypal account.

    Web Banners for the affiliate programme:

    1)     You can use your own web banner on the affiliate programme or you can request a banner from Chavín Jewellery.  In this link you can view our catalogue here.

    Happy selling and we look forward to working with you. If you have any questions please email us on: [email protected].